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Testimonials from Our Clients

Artiste Renovations and Contracting prides itself on offering its clients exceptional customer service. Here are a few examples of comments by satisfied customers.

"We were completely satisfied with all aspects of the renovation and totally thrilled with the results. We wish you every success in the future, as you deserve it. Thank you again!"

- Jill and Barry Wallace

"In the past we have had two projects done on our house with Artiste Renovations and we hope for future opportunities to change and update an older home.

We appreciated the attention to detail and the ways we were accommodated:

The efficiency and expertise from Artiste Renovations and their staff have made these renovations a more comfortable experience than we would have anticipated."

- Marilyn Siminoski

"In the fall of 1999 we engaged Artiste Renovations to carry out extensive renovations to our 25 year old home. The house was basically as originally built, had been rented out to tenants, and hence the interior was in very bad shape.

The work that was carried out included replacement of most of the main floor windows and exterior doors, gutting and rebuilding the main floor bathroom and ensuite bath, relocation and addition of light units, almost complete tearing out of the basement area and reconstruction of new basement interior walls, ceilings, flooring, and a new laundry room. Artiste Renovations was able to come up with many good ideas as to what should be done and how to improve the end result.

We are very satisfied with the way the work was carried out and with the quality of the finished product. Now, years later, we have had no problems with any of the units installed or with any of the work done."

- Jonathan and Debby Smethurst

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